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First fix

Stud wallsThis is the structural side of carpentry and is often considered to be the rough work before the final flourish of the second fix. Nonsense! In carpentry and joinery if you start right you finish right. Whether building stud walls, laying floor joists, or cutting rafters, if the work is straight and true then what follows will also be straight and true. Accuracy in these areas should be a primary concern for any tradesperson.



Stud walls under constructionThe stud walls shown in these images acted as party walls dividing two flats one from another. In this situation two walls are built on next to the other but not touching it, this separation cuts down on the transmision of sound through vibration. The finished walls are inulated and clad with two layers of plasterboard.







Stud wall built into a king post trussIn this photograph the stud walls are built into a king post truss.

What they say:

Richard Southwell QC

Andy built our large conservatory to a rather complex one-off architectural design, unfortunately there were errors in the design of the roof and Andy had to change the details in order to remedy the problem. The result is a conservatory which is a great success and has become the centre of our home life. We are very grateful to Andy for all the care and hard work he put into the project.

Carol Denley Trustee

Andy co-ordinated everyone on site, ensuring that every trade worked efficiently and safely. With Andy in charge the building of our children's centre progressed at an incredible rate.  Any problems that arose were dealt with professionally and efficiently, construction became the easiest stage of the project.