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ConservatoryThere comes a time when a roof will need replacing, repairing or modifying. In these days of prefabricated trusses it's not every carpenter that can build a cut roof, but few jobs are more satisfying to a skilled carpenter than creating this solid structure from individual lengths of timber.



ConservatorySome roofs are more complex than others. Four hips, two valleys and a gable end had to be incorporated into this roof and as it was for a conservatory everything was on show, leaving no room for error.








King post trussesThe king post truss is one traditional method of supporting roofs over a large span. The trusses support purlins on which are sat the rafters. The trusses shown are made from green oak and were incorporated into a barn conversion.




King post trussesThe trusses are constructed using mortice and tennon and bridle joints, the only mechanical fixing being a bolt inserted through the tie beam and into the king post, the end of the bolt being accessible via a slot cut into the king post.




Bridle jointThis series of photographs shows an oak king post truss under construction, in this image half of a bridle joint has been formed in the tie beam, into this will sit the corresponding half which will be formed at the lower end of the princpal rafter.




Bridle jointHere the two section of the bridle joint have been formed and the principal rafter and tie beam are ready to go together.

The principal rafter intersecting with the tie beam






The base of the king post is located at the centre of the tie beamThe king post is located in the centre of the tie beam and joined to it with a stop mortice and tennon joint.

The tops of the principal rafters are joined to the king post using stop mortice and tennon joints. A notch is cut in the top of the king post into which the ridge board sits.The tops of the principal rafters are located near the top of the king post



The completed king post trussThe finished article waiting to be lifted into position.






Roof truss bolted together.This douglas fir roof truss was bolted together as specified by a structural engineer.






Douglas fir roof trussThe timbers are held together with steel plates and the purlins are in position.







ConservatoryValleyValleyCommon rafters


What they say:

Carol Denley Trustee

Andy co-ordinated everyone on site, ensuring that every trade worked efficiently and safely. With Andy in charge the building of our children's centre progressed at an incredible rate.  Any problems that arose were dealt with professionally and efficiently, construction became the easiest stage of the project.

Richard Southwell QC

Andy built our large conservatory to a rather complex one-off architectural design, unfortunately there were errors in the design of the roof and Andy had to change the details in order to remedy the problem. The result is a conservatory which is a great success and has become the centre of our home life. We are very grateful to Andy for all the care and hard work he put into the project.